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App for players and admins

Airsoft Run makes events easier for Organizers and more fun for players. The app gives airsoft players a way to call out enemies or put tactics on the map without the enemies knowing

Real time user tracking

The application uses background GPS tracking so you and your teammates can see each other on the map all the time. No more getting lost on the field

Automatic point counting

In Domination game mode, players standing in the objectives acquire points which are automatically counted and you always know who the winner is.
Airsoft Players
By Players for Players
Airsoft run is a passion driven project, created by players to make Airsoft more fun and immersive. The mobile application gives Organizers a customizable digital map with objectives, real time player tracking, and automatic score counting. Players can use this digital map to see their team mates, call out enemies, check the score and prepare tactics where to strike while not running around blindly on the battlefield. We are constantly trying to improve and add new features to this platform, so if you have any suggestions on requests for improvement please do contact us because this is a community driven project
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Always Improving

We are always looking for new features to implement and make our application better and easier to use for both Players and Organizers.

Quality Service

We love what we do, and that is why you will receive the best quality of service. You will not communicate with robots or bots when you seek help.

Community Driven

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to tell us and we will do our best to include those features.

Replays Of Events

Every Airsoft event is recorded in our system, and you can check the event’s replay inside the Airsoft Run app to check what happened in the game. Players can access replays too. We also have an easy to use replay downloader, so you can share Your Airsoft event replay on social media.

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