How to create your first Airsoft Run event

Step 1 - Register

Go to the Organiser panel and register to become an event organiser

After registration proceed to creating your first field of battle

Step 2 - Creating your battle field

  • Go to fields and press „create a new field“
  • Upload a field image
  • Give your field a name

OPTIONAL, but recommended if you intend to use this field more than once

Create zones(These will be later assigned for spawns, objectives, quests and danger zones):

  • Find your field on the map
  • Using the draw polygon or draw circle functions you will need to draw areas
  • It is required to have at least 2 spawn points and 1 objective point
  • Set a center for your field and a parking location
  • Name your areas (Use easy to understand names, because you will need to assign functions to them)


For the game to be more fun and immersive it is recommended to add more objectives, quests (Points of interest), fortresses and some danger zones (a perimeter for the field where teams lose points if players get out of the pre defined field bounds)

Pro Tip 1: Don't forget to leave a path to theparking location.

Pro Tip 2: Make your areas slighty larger if your event is in a forest (GPS is not accurate in forests)

Step 3 – Creating an event

  • In the games tab, Press „new game“
  • Upload event cover picture
  • Choose a game (event) name
  • Add game description

Configuring your field

  • Assign functions for the areas you have drawn with circle or polygon tool when creating a field:
  • Spawns
  • Objectives
  • Quests
  • Fortresses
  • Danger zones

Game mode (Domination)

  • Assign areas to become Domination objectives
  • Give your teams names, tags and colors. Then assign them to the spawns to areas which you want to become spawns. Setting a password to join is not neccesary.
  • Assign areas to become team fortress areas ( Capturing an enemy teams fortress gives as much points as a domination zone, but standing in your teams fortress doesn‘t give any points)


  • Phases control how your event will be played, and what zones will be available for what time. This also applies to Quests, Fortress areas and danger zones
  • Add active zones to phases and set the time how long each phase will be active
  • Include all your objectives, danger and quest zones to each phase that you want that zone be to be active on

Settings (Advanced)

  • Set player health and bleeding damage
  • Set damage from danger zones
  • Set time it takes to respawn on being shot, players will start to bleed with X bleeding damage per second. They can get revived by scanning a medic's QR code. If they bleed out to 0 health, they will die. Set this number to the amount of seconds you want them to wait for medic. Standing in danger zones also reduces players health. Players with lower health will have less time to be revived after being shot

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